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Introduction to Japanese Anime

“Whatever is happening now, it always has got to do something from the past.”

The history of anime is notably broad, yes, and it will take hundreds of pages if I will make a chapter about it. I could, but it will take a year or more for me to compile it. My primary focus is not to present a chronological dissertation of anime history in its broadened sense, since it is, as I said, broad. But it is part of my cause to present to you, the readers, a simplified presentation of the anime history. So in this article, my cause is to give a simplified yet awakening view for us Christians about anime and its history. Knowing the history, of course, will not make us ignorant of today’s sophistication. Furthermore, as Christians, it is important for us to know or to trace back the roots before we jump into temptations of any kind. read more

White Album 2 – Ahhh The Love Triangles (Anime Review)

I’ve been mellowing on this one for a couple of weeks now, as the ending kind of threw me for a loop, but now I think I’m ready. White Album 2; as the name suggests, this is technically a sequel, but not really. The only connection this makes with White Album is the mentioning of the main character as a famous artist, and the singing of the song. Other than that, they are completely independent.

Haruki is our main guy; he maintains excellent grades and can always be seen helping out others, especially the student council, though he is no longer a part of it. He is also the back-up guitarist for the light music club, which is one the verge of disbanding now that the only members are him and the primary guitarist, Iizuka. Haruki usually practices his… less than optimal guitar playing after the club is done, when he has the room to himself. Every now and again, he gets a treat from the room next door, a mysterious, talented piano player plays in harmony with his guitar, putting him at ease. read more

Winter 2017 Anime Season – My Watch List

It’s hard to believe that the Winter 2017 season is already getting ready to come to a close. Time is just flying by, I tell you.

Every season, or before every season rather, I usually take a look at what’s going to be coming up and find the ones that pique my interest. However, I find that I don’t actually follow through with keeping up with them throughout the season. Maybe I do it on purpose so I can watch it all in one go on a Friday night, or maybe it’s something else. read more

The Basics of Anime-From A-Z

Anime – Anime is the affectionately shortened name for animation in Japan. It’s written in Katakana, as a derivative of English and general refers to any animation conceived and drawn in Japan. There is however a certain style and method to anime that can be recognized the world over as unique to Japanese animation. The simple, exaggerated character features and surprisingly detailed settings along with the actual thematic content, usually a coming of age story of some sort. Some character’s development through a series of trials via uniquely Japanese morals of perseverance and strength. read more

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