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3 Surprising Facts About Speed Racer

If you’re a Speed Racer fan you’ll want to read this article to learn these 3 surprising facts. As you probably know the Speed Racer characters and story originated from the manga and anime series “Mach GoGoGo” developed by the Japanese anime studio of Tasunoko Productions. What may surprise you is the carefully crafted symbolism, storyline and characterization of the original series. The series is far from a mindless cartoon so typical today. After reading this article you’ll have the inside scoop on Speed Racer. read more

The Inspiration of Dragonball and Dragonball Z

With Dragon Ball Z (or “Dragonball Z”) hitting the top of the anime series charts, many anime fans have asked what it was that inspired the artist to create this truly exciting series. Dragon Ball Z has taken the world by storm and there is no question that Japanese manga artist, Akira Toriyama created an anime series that has been pure pleasure for fans throughout the world. The Dragon Ball series has sparked the creation of dozens of best-selling video fighting games, popular the world over. Not only can you buy the Dragon Ball video games, including Dragon Ball GT, there are also myriad sites to obtain cheats and walk-throughs for all the games. read more

Weekly Review: Konosuba

Hello there! Welcome for another week of anime reviews! This week we are taking a look at an anime series that I have just recently began watching, so this will be more of a first take or first impression review. I am currently five episodes into the series, and have a good grasp on what is going on in the story. Before you say it, yes, it’s another one of those fantasy, RPG-like anime series. I like them, so sue me!

Our story follows that of a teenager named Kazuma. He is your typical gamer, usually shuts himself inside of his room playing games all day, you know, the works. However, on this certain day, he decides that he will go on a journey. A magnificent journey that will take over five hours on a round trip bus in order to grab a very valuable possession… a new game, but a limited edition one! Upon exiting the bus, new game in hand, we see our main protagonist walking down the street and passing by a girl. After a few steps he turns around to see her about to get hit by a vehicle. Uncharacteristically, and he even says so himself, he pushes her out of the way to meet his untimely demise. read more

Weekly Review: Charlotte

Where to begin! Welcome back fro another week of anime show reviews! This week we are going to be taking a look at an anime series that I really was not expecting a whole lot from. Like some of the other shows I watch, it was suggested to me rather than me finding it. Since it was a suggestion, I did not even read the description, I just hopped on and hoped for the best. Now, at the time, I was just trying to get over a really gripping anime show, so I figured this would be a good laugh and a filler until I found the next in-depth show, being as this show only has 12 (Egypt 13?) Episodes. Man, was I in for a rude awakening! read more

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