Anime – That's Cartoons in Which the Characters Have Yellow and Spiky Hair, Right?

When you hear anime the first image to cross your mind will most likely be an image of young girls with skimpy clothing and huge eyes, or possibly a teenage boy with unruly hair and super powers. While this is not a wrong interpretation there is more to anime than that.

In anime there are demographics that cover different target audiences. The ones with the descriptions above are most likely to be shounen, which is basically anime targeted at boys. Then there is the fluffy kind of anime with princesses and magic, which is the shoujo demographic for anime targeted at girls. However there are two more demographics that are often overlooked due to the fact that their target audience is not quite as main as the two former – these two being seinen and josei. They are targeted at young men in their twenties, respectably young women in their twenties and above, meaning that their targeted at a more mature audience.

Examples : Berserk is a manga (and animated as anime as well), to use an example, published in the "Young Animal" magazine. It is a magazine targeted at young men which contains a lot of violence and gore, and then it is a seinen magazine. Berserk itself contains an intriguing plot about hardship and betrayal presented with a lot of disturbing scenes involving rape and violence. NANA is a manga (and later an anime) serialized in the magazine "Kiss" which is targeted at young women. The works published in the magazine often contain romance, intrigues, infidelity and heartbreak, and therefore one can conclude that it is a josei magazine, since NANA contains many of these elements as well. To summarize: next time you hear the word anime, or perhaps being the vivid anime fan you are the next time you search for anime to watch, consider revising the image you get in your head. Consider that anime is a medium, much like films or TV series, and then within the medium all kinds of expressions exist – both for younger and older audiences, for women and men and so on.

Source by Daniel Collin

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